Sunday, January 11, 2009

Like Mother, Like Daughter

Like Mother, Like Daughter

I look into those eyes, so much like my own and see the future. I see excitement about new adventures. Don't look back child, have no regrets, only carry lessons from old adventures that caused pain or stagnation. How do I let you go when I'm so afraid of what the world holds. How did mama let me go knowing all she did, that she tried to share and I refused to acknowledge.

How was mama strong enough to watch me as I stumbled along making mistakes and making her worry that all her hard work had been for nothing.

Some day you will understand that all that anyone ever truly has is TIME. Time lost is never regained to be used again. Once that moment of connection with friends or family is gone it is never regained or to be used.

One moment wasted is one moment lost on the winds of time never to be recouped. Each of us is given a certain amount of time on earth to use. Go wisely and hold time dearly for once it is spent it is never retrieved.

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