Wednesday, November 12, 2008



Seems I have sailed a thousand seas
with dragons cresting with each tide;
Yet now my dreams are revealed
as he slumbers at my side.

His hands are calloused from his toil
to build a life for himself;
Yet never seeing in his path
four daughters and a wife.

His calloused hands gently soothe
our scars that fight to heal;
and all we ever hoped and prayed for
is becoming real.

Restless in his slumber
because I toss and turn;
seems I can't slow long enough
to grasp what he has learned.

So much for each to teach the other
and yet I can't slow my pace,
trying to catch up with him
and earn my rightful place.

He promises all the things
I once believe I deserved,
but somewhere along the way
I seemed to have lost my nerve.

Fear abounds where joy should be
and I stand weeping in my hands,
praying God gives him the wisdom
to somehow understand.

Bludgeoned by life, we five,
have somehow stood strong
and yet we weep far beneath
and wonder what we did wrong.

Such an undertaking, surely God
has shown,
yet I still fear for you;
the only love I've ever known.

Lord lift this heavy burden
and set me free so that we become
the family he dreamed about
all those years alone.



How far is the other side of creation? Oh, but a stones throw away through the eyes of a child. Children view God's creation through the windows of their soul, appreciate His power in the blooming of a daisy, see the wildflowers as His easel and the sea His greatest venture. Through the eyes of a child you see God's miracles performed as the potholes of life are transformed into wading pools and the skinned knees of it all just practicing for the great balancing act of life. Through the eyes of a child you dare to examine the pain a worm may suffer when you put it on hook to fish and then use dough-balls for bait forever after. You are ask to ponder the distance of God's stride as he walks from mountain top to mountain top and what it really means to be reborn. Take a child by the hand and get down on your knees, look through the windows of their soul and capture just a glimpse of the other side of creation!